Marketing Materials

Examples of brochures, postcards, trade show booths, posters, print and web advertisements.

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Stirling Solar Dish Animation

This animation was used in marketing presentations to show how the Stirling Energy Systems solar dish functions. It concentrates the suns heat energy to power a stirling engine which generates renewable electric power for the grid.

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Medical Suite Animation

This animation was created as an opening for an interactive program.


Rhino Sports Court Builder

This interactive program was developed for Rhino Sports. The program allows a customer to build their own sports court by specifying size, adding and subtracting features and choosing colors. The data collected from the builder was automatically sent to the Rhino Sports sales team.

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These illustrations were used for marketing programs and presentations.

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Logo Design

View my logo designs below. Successful logo designs usually have a life span of 10 years or more.

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