Medical Illustrations

These medical illustrations are being used in phone applications that allow parents to have an understanding of different procedures their child may have to undergo.

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These characters were developed for different training programs.

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Miguel's Great Escape Book

This fully illustrated 32 page children’s book was used to help teach children about fire safety.

Copyright © 2008 Books Because


Bobby's Unbelievable Bathtime Book

This fully illustrated 32 page children’s book was used to open the door to discussion about water safety and scald prevention.

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Virtual Call Center

This illustrates how a virtual call center can be set up with people working remotely accessing a protected server.


Particle Growth

This illustration shows how sulfur dioxide molecules combine with other molecules in the atmosphere to create ammonium sulfate molecules which clump together into particles. Water is attracted to these particles which increases the particle size.

Copyright © 1992, CIRA / NPS Visibility Program, Colorado State University


What Frustrates Trainers

This illustration shows the issues revolving around training programs.

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Stirling Dish Tracking

This illustration shows how a Stirling Energy Systems solar dish tracks to the sun.

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Car Illustration

This illustration was used in marketing materials for A-1 Differential.

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